John H Eader Elementary School

Huntington Beach Ed Foundation

HBEF believes public schools are one of the most important parts to any community.

One of the main reasons people move to Huntington Beach is for the quality of our schools. In Huntington Beach, we have been able to preserve quality education despite terribly insufficient funding from the state, based on outdated funding systems. This outdated system provides inadequate funding below the state average. As a result, the HBCSD has been forced to adjust to years of reductions in funding which have increasingly threatened critical science, music, and art programs, health services, and facilities maintenance to name a few.


"HBEF helps bridge the gap between what our district has and what it needs."As a result of the foregoing, in 1987, parents, educators, business and community leaders established the Huntington Beach Educational Foundation (HBEF) to benefit the students within the Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD). HBEF is an independent, nonprofit organization operated entirely by volunteers from each of the founding groups. Throughout California, private educational foundations are playing an increasingly vital role in providing necessary funding for innovative programs and technology. HBEF helps bridge the gap between what our district has and what it needs.


The Huntington Beach Educational Foundation (HBEF) believes that wide ranging community support is needed to provide the best educational opportunities for our children. Whether you are a business owner, parent, or community member, when you make an investment through the HBEF, you’re making more than a financial contribution; you’re stating that you won’t settle for a mediocre education system in your community. You’re support demonstrates you share the belief that our children deserve better and the future of our community depends on it! By collaborating with local businesses, PTA’s, community groups, and corporations, HBEF is able to provide the additional support our schools need in the forms of teacher grants and technology. By ensuring our community’s children continue to have access to state of the art technology and teaching practices, we help create an educational environment that is conducive to success for all children in the HBCSD.