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Emergency Supply List

Each September, Eader School will collect an emergency packet from every student. We are requesting that all parents prepare and label with your child’s name, an earthquake/disaster meal and place it in a GALLON SIZE ZIPLOC BAGGIE (to prevent ant attacks) for each of your children who attend Eader School. Please send this meal to your child’s classroom teacher no later than the second week of school.

The following is suggested for each bag: 

1. Prepared crackers and cheese packets.

2. One small can of tuna or other protein with a pull-top lid.

3. Three 6 oz. cans of juice with pull tab tops.

4. A bag/package of dried fruit or raisins, or 2 fruit rolls or 2 granola bars (no chocolate)

6. Plastic spoon

Please refrain from peanut butter or peanut items due to so many children having serious allergies.


You may substitute or create your own meal according to your child’s food preference and needs. Please be sure all supplies are unopened to ensure freshness and storage capabilities. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A LUNCH.

If your child’s medical condition requires daily medication, please contact the school office. We can store a 3-day supply of such medication to be administered in case of disaster/emergency.

Include a label in your child’s Ziploc bag including child's name, teacher's name, packaging date and list any food or medication allergies.